Welcome to A&C Braid & Rope Co. Pvt. Ltd.

A&C Braid & Rope Co. Pvt. Ltd. was set up as a joint venture with a European company in 2001 as a 100% Export Oriented Unit. Initially we produced commodity ropes to be sold mainly in the European markets. But gradually, over the years, the company got into specialised products and grew in production capacity & capability and grew its market reach across the globe.
Around 2011 we started producing for outdoors, and now we are proud of having our own in-house captive yarn manufacturing facility feeding our rope and strap production divisions to make highly specialised outdoor products.
In 2017 A&C Braid & Rope Co. Pvt. Ltd. was converted into an Indian family owned company.

Our Products


We work with a range of synthetic & man-made yarns.
The major materials used are Polypropylene (PP), Polyamide (Nylon) & Polyester yarns.
We are equipped to work with multifilament yarns, twisted yarns, spun yarns & texturised yarns.
We use both spun dyed (solution dyed) and yarn dyed raw maetrials.